• Breaded Cheese Sticks... $5
Golden, crispy and tasty mozzarella sticks
  • Buffalo Chicken Wings... $5
Served hot with BBQ, ranch or blue cheese sauce
  • Other starter... $5
Description of the dish here

soup & salad
  • Soup of the Day... $5
Certain to be a tasty treat.  
Ask your server what we've made today.
  • Chicken Vegetable Soup... $5
Made from scratch in our kitchen, wholesome and hearty. 
Just like grandma makes.
  • Special Taco Salad... $5
This fresh choice comes with nacho chips, shredded cheddar 
cheese, home-made chili, sour cream, picante sauce, 
tomatoes and lettuce
  • Other salad... $5
Description of the dish here

  • Quarter pound hamburger... $5
One quarter pound of juice choice beef cooked to order
  • Mushroom Swiss burger... $5
Topped with grilled mushrooms and Swiss cheese this 
quarter pound burger satisfies
  • Other sandwich... $5
Description of the dish here

  • Surf n' Turf... $5
Jumbo shrimp and New York steak grilled to perfection.
  • Grilled chicken breast... $5
Two tender and juice free-range chicken breasts grilled with 
fresh seasonal veggies
  • Other entrees... $5
Description of the dish here

  • Fresh apple pie topped w/vanilla ice cream... $5
  • Strawberry shortcake with whipped cream... $5
  • Other dessert... $5

  • Beer... $5
  • Sodas... $5
  • Other drinks... $5